Quebrada del Chucao

Quebrada del Chucao is a project that was started in 2010 by the Nahrwold family who has a long history of fruit production in Chile. The project was started by Jorge Nahrwold, his son Matias Nahrwold, and Diego Rivera, a trained winemaker whose thesis was on Chilean Cider. They are located in Villarica, a cool lake region in the southern part of Chile.

We are humbled and honored to introduce Quebradad del Chucao to the USA and look forward to a great partnership. Look for a pear cider and blueberry wine down the road!!!!!



Quebrada del Chucao Sidra 2013

This all natural cider is made without any chemicals and minimal intervention with only hand pruning the trees once in the winter. The apples are all hand harvested and then the crushing and scratting(chipping) is done by hand in a wood press that was made with local wood from the same forests as the orchards. The juice is left to sit in the cold for 18 hours and then clarified with a long, slow, natural 3-4 week primary fermentation. The cider does not go through Malolactic fermentation and after a 2 month resting period they bottle it for the secondary fermentation. The cider is completely dry, fresh, funky, earthy, austere, and perfect to pair with dry roasted nuts, cheese, and earth savory driven dishes. 200 cases produced.