Via Revolucionaria

Via Revolucionaria is located in Tupungato, Uco Valley Mendoza. Matias Michelini is the winemaker and agronomist. Matias strives to make experimental wines that express terroir. These wines are extremely low production and are drawn from multiple inspirations, regions, and styles. The Via Revolucionaria wines are all low production, single vineyard, unconventional wines, fermented with native yeast. Torrontes “Brutal” and Semillon “Hulk” are unfiltered, vertical wines. The Bonarda “Pura” is fermented via carbonic maceration. The Ancellota 2013 is the only 100% varietal that we have encountered. Esperando los Barbaros is a single vineyard, dry-farmed Malbec from Maule, Chile fermented in an open amphora with native yeast and no added sulfur.

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Via Revolucionaria Bonarda Pura 2016

This 100% Carbonic Macerated Bonarada was harvested separately at 4 different times and then blended together. A seductively perfumed nose evokes musky dank fruits of blueberry, cherry, and raspberry. The vibrant, fruit dominated nose, leads to a soft and round mid palate, held together by firm tannins and bright acidity.


Via Revolucionaria Torrontés Brutal 2015

This 100% Torrontes is open top macerated/fermented and oak aged, A different style of Torrontes, the wine punches through the glass with notes of peach, apricot, and bright stargazer lily’s and undertones of sage, chamomile,and sandalwood. It has a lifted profile on the palate with bright acid, citrus notes of lemon merengue, and jasmine. This cloudy, unfiltered, and un-fined wine is changing the perception of what boundaries can be placed on Torrontes. This is the Next Level.


Via Revolucionaria Semillón Hulk 2016

This 100% hand harvested Semillon is unfiltered and un-fined. The lower alcohol wine has a fresh light green hue with notes of lemon, key lime, jasmine, and white flowers with an underlying and persistent layer of crushed wet limestone. The wine is vibrant and bright yet smooth on the palate showing fruit flavors as well as earth tones of dry leaves. Clean, crisp, engaging, and refreshing.